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We are happy to answer the most frequently asked questions in the following.
When we start working together it is important for us that you know: You can ask anything as we are your service provider. We want you to have an easy life with your software development - so you can focus on your companies growth and achievements. So please do not hesitate to contact us if you got a question which is not answered below!

  • How long does it take to find the right candidate for me?

    On the average it takes more than 5 months to find and hire a software developer in Germany (just to let you know). 
    We will find your expert within 2-4 weeks. It obviously depends on what skills you require and if we got free resources or have to search for your candidate.  
    You can always provide us with a small test project to try out the skills of the applicants and decide afterwards whom you want to meet in an interview.
    When you decide to hire the candidate we have the paperwork ready and you can welcome your new remote staff member.

  • If I let you search for a candidate - does it cost anything?

    No - this is totally for free.

  • What kind of projects can you bring to life? I need something very specific.

    You got an idea - we got a software development solution and the qualified expert. 
    Especially during the last 5 years we could accompany some really special and demanding projects.  
    One of our most favorite and demanding mission is still in progress and we are proud to be part of a development that will revolutionize the medi-tech branch with a product that will improve the life of people with amyotrophia remarkably.
    Conclusion: We will always do our best to find the right expert for you even if he or she has to have very specific skills required by you.

  • Can you tell me more about prices and payments?

    The prices of our software developers vary between 35-39€ / hour. We are talking about well tested Intermediate and Senior Level Developers. 
    When we are talking about experts in AI (Artificial Intelligence) prices can go up to 50€ / hour.
    These prices are "all incl." net prices per hour. You only pay the hours worked every month. We do all paper work for you. You are not paying for leave or sick days.
    Our software experts are working all over the world. What we take care of (besides qualification, good communication skills, efficiency and reliability) is, that your new staff member is located close enough to be in the same time zone as you are. 
    Our price policy includes that we avoid working with "the cheap guys". We know there are developers working for very low prices but in our experience they do not deliver good quality and we got a lot of clients that spend a lot of money, lost time and nerves about working with "the cheap guys". We got very good prices referring to the quality delivered.
    We are using factoring - what does that mean for you?
    We want to pay our software developers fast - which means within 10 days after you received the invoice. You are paying within the timeframe as agreed in our contract (normally 30 days after receiving the invoice). This payment process has absolute no downside for you (no extra costs or effort) it simply makes life easy on our behalf and also makes your new staff member happy.
    If this option is not possible we can also agree on a payment within 7 days after receiving the invoice including an allowance of 1%.
    We are happy to talk to you and answer any question you may have. Please contact us and we can discuss.

  • Can you tell me more about the contract between me and you?

    We designed contracts, we also would wish for as a client:
    * You let us know what you need. We find your Candidate – no cost / without contract.
    * We will test the optional candidates including interviews and then will present the profiles of the best candidates to you.
    * You will choose which candidates you want to get to know in a personal interview.
    * Then we will conclude a framework contract which includes the assignment of usage rights, liability, confidentiality and protection of our contacts. 
    * Next step will be your personal interviews with the candidates.
    * As soon as you will decide for a candidate we will prepare the contract with all further details. 
    *As an attachment to our contract we will prepare an NDA between you and our developer. 

  • Android or iOS?

    We absolutely need to include this question here because we got a lot of customers asking us for good advice on that. Apps are and will be absolutely important in business so you should do it right in the beginning. This is why we always do recommend to make an App both for Android and iOS.

    There are different options to realize it. We can develop an App for you parallel for iOS and Android – or we can develop one App you can use cross-platform which will make your live easier regarding cultivation and future development.

    You got more questions on that? Let`s have a chat!

  • What happens if I am not happy with my candidate?

    Let`s talk honest. It can always happen that an employee emerges not to be "the one". Then oftentimes both sides are not happy. What to do about it?
    If you are not happy with your candidate the notice period of your software developer is one month (determined in our contract).
    In 95% of our placements that does not happen but if it is the case - let us talk and find someone to replace the candidate. 

  • Can you also provide project-driven teams?

    Let`s keep the answer simple - Yes, we can.
    There are two options regarding project driven teams:
    1. We develop the IT-Solution you need, for you – with daily coordination.2. We assort a team you will lead. This would include a tech-lead, project management, software development, quality management and testing. 
    You are not sure what you need? Let`s talk about opportunities. 

  • I am not sure what kind of software development I need - Can you help me?

    For so many people IT business and software development is an unknown galaxy! It is our job to help you and consult. You do not need to know exactly what your software developer should know and can do. We got 14 years of experience in placing IT experts - and we are good in our job! You simply can tell us about your idea and we will talk about possibilities and what we would recommend. Of course all given information on your product/ project will be handled confidentially.

  • I only need someone for a few hours per week - can you find an expert for me?

    Yes, we also can do that. 
    As we are working for quite a few Start-Ups it is a common question. We know that small companies and Start-Ups especially need to have an eye on the budget. No problem - just let us know for how many hours, weeks and months you might need someone.

  • I need software developer on site - can you provide this as well?

    In 2006 our company started with very unique IT-Recruiting-Events. Over 5000 people already participated and hundreds of candidates could be placed successfully. 
    The digital version of this event is in progress and as soon as it is finished we will be happy to invite you to find an on-site staff member for you. 
    Furthermore we do not place on-site software developers at the moment as we see the future of digitalization in the worldwide network of experts working remote. 
    When you are not sure if “remote” is the right decision for you just read or ask about the conditions we offer in our contract and you will recognize you can try out working with a software developer remotely without any doubts.

  • Is this your dog?

    No, it`s not! We just wanted to make you smile because life is always better while smiling!
    Now... back to business. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! 

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