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Never before has there been so much money for start-ups in Europe as in 2019: Germany is playing a leading role in investments for founders, but has been outstripped by two other countries.

Start-ups may be the champions of tomorrow. Investors want to be more involved from the very beginning. As a result, “European young companies received more money in the first half of the year than ever before,” reported the auditing and consulting firm EY (Ernst & Young) in its Start-up Barometer for the first half of 2019, according to which the total value of start-up financing increased by 62 percent to 16.9 billion euros compared to the previous year. According to the figures, this means that 78 percent of the total annual volume of 2018, which in turn had already reached an all-time high, has already been reached.

In contrast, the number of financing rounds in the first half of 2019 rose by only ten percent to 2301. “Very large deals in particular are booming: Across Europe, the number of transactions involving EUR 100 million and more more has more than doubled from 12 to 26,” explained Hubert Barth, Chairman of the Board of Directors of EY in Germany. EY attested the European start-up market an impressive dynamism. It is reaching increasingly smaller markets that would not have been so much in focus in the past.

Ranking list:

  1. #1 United Kingdom
  2. #2 France
  3. #3 Germany
  4. #4 Sweden
  5. #5 Switzerland and Croatia
  6. #6 Spain
  7. #7 Island
  8. #8 The Netherlands
  9. #9 Finland
  10. #10 Belgium