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German Standard Software Development

IT Experts and Solutions#Smart #Efficient #Reliable

Permanent Hire


Part time - Mission

Dev Teams

What we offer.

High qualified and experienced software developers working remotely - on a very high level, for a very good price.

We help companies of any types and sizes to grow and move faster. Our software developers are working from everywhere in the world.
Our goal is to place the perfect software developer meeting your requirements within 2-4 weeks while you can focus on your project and achievements. We designed a simple but efficient way to connect you with our experts.
Get your expert on board. Let us do all the work to find him or her. We will employ your chosen candidate. You only pay for the hours your new staff member is working! We take care - you can focus on results.
Develop Your Growth.

Our process


Contact us

Tell us about your idea, project and what your requirements for a software developer are. You are not sure what you need? No worries we can help you with an initial consultation - without any obligations.



We understand that every business is unique, and so are its needs.During this stage of process our team will find the right candidates for your company and start with a first technical and personal interview.



We will prescreen the candidates with our own technical development test. Following we will invite you to send us a small test project of your choice that we will pass on to find out which candidate will match your requirements best.



This is the final stage before hiring your new employee. Get to know your future employee and decide if there is not only competence but sympathy.


Hire and start

We will prepare the contract and you can start working with your new staff member asap! To make sure you are happy with our expert working for you we will be happy to stay in contact with you. We will be reachable throughout the entire project for any consultations and help you might need.

We will go the extra mile to meet your requirements.

German Standard wants to make life easy for you. We want you to be happy with your software developer on the long run. We want you to achieve the required development quality and performance at the first attempt. The most heard story from our customers? "We did it with the cheapest guys that told us they can code it, but the quality we had delivered was horrendous - so at the end of the story we paid three times the amount to get it done."
This is why we check our software developers not only for their competence but also communication skills and liability. We want our developers to understand how the companies they are placed with want to get the work done.
Our developers are well tested, qualified and they are good communicators. They understand the "German way of working" - #Smart #Efficient and #Reliable. Custom software meets the unique requirements of your business, resolves challenges and obstacles, serves your special needs, simplifies your workflows and makes them faster and more efficient.

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  • Permanent Hire

    Most of our software developers are happily working in longterm projects. The way we organize it is stressfree for you and them. We employ them as your staff member and take care of all the paper work. You only pay for the hours they worked.

  • Project-driven Hire

    We accompany a lot for Start-Ups and specific project-driven missions. Let us know for how long or how many hours per week you need an expert and we are happy to find the right one for you!

  • Dev Teams

    You are in need for more than one software developer? We can organize a team for you and also take care of the project management or tech-lead if required.

  • Project Lead / CTO

    A good CTO is not easy to find. Need assistance? Here we are!

More information and answers to frequently asked questions:

We`ve got IT Experts and Solutions. You`ve got an idea, but you are not sure what your software developer should be like or how to start? Let us talk and discuss options to bring your project to life! With our expertise and experience we are happy to advise you - of course with full confidentiality and with an NDA, if you wish.

AI projects
Data Science
Get started!

“We were looking for a Java developer for our 'backend as a service solution' and German Standard found us an expert. The service provided was excellent. We are planning further recruitments.”

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Dr. Rolf Henning

CEOedicos Group

Gallery image

Tim Rademacher

CEOwissenswerft GmbH

Gallery image

Benedikt Eggers

CEOsimplic GmbH

Our team

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Sebastian Texter

CEO / Managing Director & Business Development

Sebastian is responsible for marketing and sales. With many years of experience in the IT business he is a consultant full of good ideas and with an excellent international network. He is a resourceful counterpart especially for Start-Ups.

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Lorenz Surkemper

CTO / Managing Director & Tech Lead

Lorenz is testing our candidates and accompanies the projects. If you need a Tech-Team, he will bring the best people together.
"We combine high value and performance for our clients with software products and technology innovations."

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Vadim Kastritsky 

Regional Manager North America

Best practices of determining and adjusting clients' demand are always included. Vadim is in charge of matching needs and resources. He is able lead contract terms negotiations to find the golden mean. You can rely on him after having a deal for sure. But firstly find out the best options German Standard can offer you by booking a call with Vadim - You are Welcome :) https://calendly.com/vadim-ka/30min 

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René Churquina

Regional Manager Scandinavia

For 10+ years, René has delivered impressive technical & market-value results in the Cleantech and Telecom sectors.

He specializes in ISO 56002 Innovation Management, business development and digital strategy. 


If you are planning on visiting us just give us a call to make an appointment. We`ve got some German beer too, in case you need to wait. ;)


Wilhelmstraße 1531542 Bad Nenndorf, Germany


Monday - Saturday: 9 AM - 7 PM


+49 178 888 66 04 - Sebastian TexterSebastian Texter (CEO ) ed.nrekdnuhcsrik%40retxetsLorenz Surkemper (CTO) ed.nrekdnuhcsrik%40repmekrusl

Book an appointment with Julane (North America): https://meetings.hubspot.com/julane Book an appointment with Sebastian: https://app.hubspot.com/meetings/stexter

If you already know the required skills of the software developer you wish to hire, just fill in our form and we will start finding the best expert to upgrade your team!

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